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Kids Ride Hire

Kids Love The Funfair!

Hire A Kids Ride

Kids roundabout for hire.

Stars & Cars

Classic childrens fairground ride. Click here to see more about hiring Stars & Cars.

Funfair roundabout hire.

Toy Set Ride

Kids love the toy set ride. Click here to read about our roundabout hire.

Childrens roller coaster hire.

Crazy Croc Roller Coaster Hire

Family roller coaster. Click here to see more about our Crazy Croc childrens ride.

Hire Just One Ride Or....

Two Or More !

Tea cups kids ride available for hire.

Tea Cups

Children love to ride in the Tea Cups. Click here for more about the Tea Cups hire.

Flying chairs childrens ride.

Flying Chairs

A childrens funfair classic ride Click here to read about hiring the flying chairs ride.

White knuckle ride for hire.

Giant Inflatables

Fun Fun Fun! Click here to read more about our Giant Inflatables.